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H-4 Area Site Map

Commanders List of the 934th AC&W casino online H-4. 934th AC&W H-4 Commanders

Photo of the Radar range of Iceland during the time that the 556th SAW Bn… Continue reading

Proclamation from the Governor of Colorado proclaiming U. S. Radar Sites Of Iceland Days May… Continue reading

Excerpt from the White Falcon, newspaper for the Keflavik AFB, Iceland. February 6, 1959. H-4 Rescue Mission

This is an excerpt from the White Falcon newspaper, Keflavik AFB, Iceland May 18, 1957.

H-4 Vets Trip to MT Straumnes Jul 2006

I think dad—Harry— was there in the ’59-’60 range. Has a lot of stories from… Continue reading

Brief History H-4 1958 934th 1958 History

Account of 1956-1957 H-4 H4 1956-1957 History

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