Edward Madory’s H-3 Photos 1958(http://community.webshots.com/album/558600578JUkkcR)

1958 photos casino online of Hofn H-3… Continue reading

Don Wyatt’s H-3 Site(http://members.tripod.com/~nhfan/h3.html)

Don Wyatt’s site remembering Hofn (H-3) including a… Continue reading



A site dedicated to the Airmen, Seamen and Civilians who served at H-3,… Continue reading

933AC&W SQ Hofn AFS and 667 AC&W SQ Hofn AFS Area Map

H-3 Area Site Map

The 667 AC&W Commanders list from when the squadron moved onto the H-3 site. 667th… Continue reading

Commanders list until 1961 when H-2 was shut down and casino moved into H-3 Location… Continue reading

Photo of the Radar range of Iceland during the time that the 556th SAW Bn… Continue reading

H-3 set as NORS (Not Operationally Ready Supply) free record in spite of one of… Continue reading

Introduction to the series of documents provided by Dave Alcorn. H-3, 1963 Allcorn-Read Me

There were many jobs which had to be on a small site so orders were… Continue reading

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