932nd ACS

932 squadron History(http://www.military.com/HomePage/UnitPageFullText/0,13476,701979,00.html)

This site no longer is present. When Keflavik closed,… Continue reading

932nd AC&W /ACS Squadron(http://pyrdek.tripod.com/932nd.htm)

A history of the 932 AC&W Squadron which… Continue reading

932 AC&W Sq Rockville AFS Area Map

H-1 Area Site Map

932nd AC&W (H-1) Commanders

Photo of the Radar range of Iceland during the time that the 556th SAW Bn… Continue reading

932nd Air Force Outstanding Unit Award

Air Force Outstanding Unit Award awarded to 932nd 1… Continue reading


Letter from Larry & Marguerite Robin pertaining casino to 50th Anniversary Reunion

50th Anniversary Reunion Letter

932nd AC&W,ACS and ACS History as listed on the former 932nd Website-circa 1998

932nd AC&W,… Continue reading

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