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First Name Last Name S1  from to Title Rank Retired As S2 from to S3 from to Deceased
Site Administrator
John Alfieri
Jennifer Crawley
George Brian Hernan 52 53 radar operator A2C
Jack McKinney Radar Ops CMSgt CMsgt
Michael McDaniel 69 70 SSgt
Eugene W. Beck 62 65 Electronic Tech ATR 3
Francis Gary Powers Jr
CMSgt Thomas C Nesbit 65 66 Assignment Tech 303X2 SSgt CMSgt
David A Schmidt
Robert "Bob" Chycinski
Mac Rainer 80 81 AE&W OPERATOR SSGT
Pedro Vidal Terrasa
Henry D Murray
David Spore
Phillip W. Guthrie 64 65 Electrician-Lineman CEP3 CDL Driver H-2
John VanOoyan
Cindy Legree 1980 1981
Greg Grier H-1
Mike McGuinness 1985
Richard Dziurdzik
Paul Sedio
Jack Wimer 1956 1957 Lt Col
Charlotte P. Pion
Ronda J. Barnes 1984 1985 Worked in commissary
Charles E. Casias 1989 1990 Capt
Kenneth Herft
Paul Ridlen
Tracy Griesbach
Susan Basset
Kim Mayes
Anthony Gulla
Teresa Smoot
Katherine Charlton
Amy Brown 1994 1995 Airman
Michelle Schwartz
Tom Jones 80 - 89 - 96 82 - 94 - 99 W-4
Bill Luckett
Raul Meza ACS 1992 1994 Major Lt Col
Virginia Bjornson ACS 98 1
Juan DelaPena ACS 98 99 Radar Ops SRA
Jane E Fleck ACS 98 99
William J Gallian ACS 1 3 Weapons Controller 1Lt
Linda Pepka ACS 1 2
Ken Walsh ACS 1 2
Brian C. Kentta ACS 2 4 Data TSgt
William (Al) Schaake ACS 99 1 Commander LtCol Col
Van Don Kepley Jr ACS 1 3 Commander Col Col
Displaying 1–50 of 5,465 1 2 3 109 110