Option 1. In the Search Users box just below right, type any search: by radar site (H-1, H-2, etc.); by first name, last name, city, state (two-letters), zip, year served (two-digit,) etc. Even partial spellings will return results.
Option 2. Use the drop-down filters, and click Apply Filters.
Option 3. Click Clear Filters, then select an ALPHABET LETTER (returns by Last Name.)
Option 4. Click the Top Column Heading to sort globally TWO OR THREE TIMES (First Name, Last Name, etc.)

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First Name Last Name S1 from to Title Rank Retired As S2 from to S3 from to Deceased
Richard Zaferis H-3 87 88 Sgt
Stephen A Zagar H-1 64 65 Supply A1C
Anthony Zakrzewski H-1 83 84 RM2
Arthur E Zambile AFI 82 83 Quality Forces CMSgt CMsgt
George R Zambory H-2 57 58 Radar Ops A2C MSgt
Michelle Zayatz H-3 82 83 Air Surviellance Technician SRA
Allen Zayatz H-1 74 75 Radar ops A2C
Matthew Zbink H-3 58 59 TSgt
Valentino J Zeek H-3 60 61 Weapons Controller 1Lt
Joseph Zelnick H-1 64 65 SSgt
Carrie Zent ACS 5 6 AST/DQM SrA
Ronald D Ziegler H-1 58 59 Radar Ops A3C
Thomas S Ziemski H-4 56 57 Radar Maint A2C
Chuck Zimkas Jr H-1 74 75
Dennis Zimmerman H-1 62 63 radar operator A2C
Richard F ' Zimmie' Zimmerman H-4 58 59 Comm A3C
RSMN Zimmerman H-1 64 65 USN RSMN
Dane G Zimmerman H-3 60 61 Food Service A2C
P G Zinsmeister Jr H-1 61 62 Admin Officer Capt
George V Zmuda H-2 59 60 Power Plant TSgt
Anthony V. Zukauckas H-3 56 57 Radar Ops A2C
Lawrence H Zurfehr H-3 66 66 Radar Ops TSgt MSgt
Thomas J. Zurschmeide H-2 57 58 C & E MSgt
Roland W 'Bill' Zwinge H-2 57 58 Power Plant A3C