Option 1. In the Search Users box just below right, type any search: by radar site (H-1, H-2, etc.); by first name, last name, city, state (two-letters), zip, year served (two-digit,) etc. Even partial spellings will return results.
Option 2. Use the drop-down filters, and click Apply Filters.
Option 3. Click Clear Filters, then select an ALPHABET LETTER (returns by Last Name.)
Option 4. Click the Top Column Heading to sort globally TWO OR THREE TIMES (First Name, Last Name, etc.)

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First Name Last Name S1 from to Title Rank Retired As S2 from to S3 from to Deceased
Thomas Yackle H-1 59 60
William Yacos H-1 52 53
James E Yakey H-3 62 63 Comm Maint A2C
Gerald A Yallaly H-1 66 67 Weapons Controller 1Lt
Kogen Yamashiro H-1 55 56 Comm A2C
Frederick C Yannotti H-1 70 71 Radar Maint Tsgt
Henry F Yarborough H-1 66 67 TSgt
Unknow Yarbrough H-1 57 58 2Lt
Joseph D Yarbrough H-3 58 59 A2C
Rodger D Yarbrough H-2 58 59 Radar Ops A3C H-3 58 59
Clarence N. Yaroslaski H-3 57 58 Radar Tech Supervisor SSgt
Paul Yasko H-1 62 63 Radar Operator A1C
Wilson D Yates Jr H-2 58 59 Radar Maint SSgt
Edward Ybarra H-3 80 81 Boiler Plant Ops SSgt
Wallace A Yeager H-1 55 56 SSgt
Larry E. Yentes H-3 72 73 Cook SSgt TSgt
Charles (Charlie) Yeoman H-1 88 91 Civilian Instructor Radio Maint
Edwin York H-3 55 56 A3C
Thomas F Yost H-1 58 59 Radar Ops A3C
Kenneth F Yost H-1 52 53 NCOIC Medic SSgt
Bob Yosten H-1 63 64 AC&W operator A2C
Carl Younblood H-1 1991
David A Young H-1 90 91 TSgt
Albert D. Young H-3 57 58 A3C
Lawrence C Young H-3 57 58 A1C
Bruce E Young H-1 58 59 A1C
Harry W. Young H-1 1989 1990 SSgt
James G Young H-1 75 77 Commander LtCol
Stephen Young H-1 89 90 Power Plant Supervisor TSgt
Ross L Young H-2 58 59 Radar Maint TSgt
Patrick Young H-3 68 69 Telecom A1C
George Young H-1 69 70 Comm. Coord staff Sgt
Wilbert H Young Jr H-4 58 59 A1C
J C Youngblood H-3 64 65 Commander Major